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Burmese Christians face the pressure to convert to Buddhism

A Christian from Chin Province

This morning we had the joy of speaking to pass to David in Delhi.  We asked him about the difficulties faced by the children of the Burmese refugees who have come to Delhi.  He told us that these children have had to leave behind the support of their extended families back in Burma and that it is difficult for them to get the education that they need to be able to find jobs that pay a living wage.  To return to Burma, however, would mean returning to the persecution that Christians still face in that country.  In the Chin province of Burma, education and well paid jobs are withheld from Christians unless they renounce their faith and convert to Buddhism.  Free education is provided by the Na Ta La schools, which are run by the Ministry of Religious Affairs and place Christian children under great pressure to convert to Buddhism.  Rachel Fleming of the Chin Human Rights Organisation recently described the pressures faced by Burmese Christians.

“On the pretext of providing free education, the Na Ta La schools force the poor Chin children to convert to Buddhism.  It’s part of the government’s vision for nation-building, which is predicated on the slogan ‘To be a patriotic Burmese citizen is to be a Buddhist.’ ”

Please pray that religious freedom will come to Burma so that Christian refugees can return to their homes and families.  Please also pray that Switched On will be able to support our friends in Delhi in providing a good education for their children.

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