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Medical Team from Woking UK Treat Burmese Refugees

A medical team from the Coign Church Working visited the Burmese refugees we support in Delhi towards the end of last year, led by Tim Brown.  Here is a brief report on the surprising needs they uncovered.

Medical Team Visits Burmese Refugees in Delhi

The team carried out a clinic for a Burmese refugee church, which also invited other people from their community to be seen by the doctors. They were expecting to be there from about
3 to 6pm but finally left at about 10 having seen about 65 patients. It was
a mixture of things – they carried out pregnancy checks on about a dozen
ladies, gave a lot of vaccinations for kids and also saw lots who were sick
with ‘fever’. There were also a small number who seemed to be seriously ill
with what may have been TB.  The team arranged more tests to be done in local
hospitals for them.

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