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Burmese refugee

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Latest update from Burmese

The Burmese students we are supporting sent another deeply moving email, inserted in full below.  Considering the temperatures of 50 degrees in the day, being too hot at night to sleep, the illnesses, cramped conditions, and persecution for being a minority – I feel humbled that they are encouraged by our support “especially in times of trouble.”

Some children in the Burmese refugee community

Dear sponsors, how are you doing? We are being well founded here in Delhi. We also would like to share with you that how greatly we do improved in English speaking, we could speaks and understand each other when we had gather for group-class discussion. we do hopefully speak fluently in future as we do continues to study everyday. Above all we do thanks to God who is so gracious to us and chosen you guys to supports us, no matter how we are weak and being isolated in alien country. We do keep praying for you and always remember you in our hard-time and joy-time because we love you and you are always in our heart especially in times of trouble. And also we do thank you for your sporsorship thus far.

Your Faithfully
All Students

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