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Salaries keep rising out of poverty, thanks to sponsors!

It is a well known adage that if you give a man a fish, you’ll have to give him another tomorrow, but if you teach him to fish you won’t. By following the “teach them to fish,” strategy, or rather, “teach them English,” we have found a steady flow of refugees earning much better salaries in Delhi!

The photo illustrated the cause for celebration this has been. They are also praying for the Switched On sponsors to be blessed.

Hot off the press, here are some refugees whose pay is moving above the poverty line:

40 year old is working at Wireless CD-Company in this year after studying in our Centre. And earned, 5000 Rupees per month.

ANDREW- Working at Coffee Cafe, In District Centre as waiter, and earns 3000 Rupees per month. Who previously only 1500 rupees 50 per day.

THANG- 23 years old is working at Steel Factory in Janak Puri, after studying English for 7 months in our Centre. And do earn 4500 Rupees per month, who previously earned only 2500 per month. Now gets better job and life.

NGUN- 21 years old, Deborah is working at Jowti Showroom at District Centre and gets salary up to 5700 Rupees per month. Who previously only earned 3000 Rupees in Jeans Company? Now enjoyed in English with customers.

BAWI- 20 years old is working at Korean Restaurant in Goargoan City, as waitress and earns 7000 Rupees per month in this year, where she supports her family with that income, God blessed her.

ESTHER- 20 year’s girl is still working as English teacher in Middle School and gets increases of salary up to 7000 Rupees per month. Who previously gets below 5000 rupees per month? She started a new life with that income and thanks to sponsors.

VAN- 23 years old is working at Coffee Cafe in District Centre as waiter and earns 3000 Rupees per month.

MAUNG- 32 years old is working at Africa Embassy as Security Guard and earns 7500 Rupees per month. Who previously don’t speak English language now started using English in Embassy as Gate keeper. Moreover, supporting his family in number 5 people with that income.

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