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Burmese refugee

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Some background

The community we help is a very under-supported tribe (FaFalam family in small living spacelam) of the Christian Chin state in Western Burma, and they have in the past twenty years fled cruel persecution from an oppressive military regime because they are Christians, though many have returned given the partial regime change. Unable to speak and write English and the main Myanmar language, they can earn a meagre amount, which means they do not have the opportunity for their children to obtain an education to help develop their community. Your regular donation will enable us to teach skills so they can provide for their families.

Funding so far

31 out of 50 target students so far sponsored

When providing similar language training with Burmese refugees in India, approximately one year after commencing English teaching, to enable these persecuted refugees to find jobs paying a reasonable crust, we were happy to report that over 30% of the adults had in fact increased their income by around 50%, and the majority are making good progress in speaking English. Even the better earners’ families are still below the poverty line, but their income was improving substantially, helping put vital food on the table.

Student sponsorship – only £12, 12€, $15(US) per month

Esther’s Story

Esther - in need of sponsorship

We are stirred to share a deeply touching story about a 16 year old called Esther, for whose family the English training has made life substantially more livable.

Esther’s family left the Burmese regime, which is hostile to Christians, in 2005 for some relief in Delhi.  Her mother died in 2008 and her father is unable to work.  In such a situation, we might well wonder where God was, but Esther is expressing heartfelt thanks.  Why?  Because learning to speak and write English in the Switched On centre has enabled her to work in a ‘District centre show room’ and help provide for her family.

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